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I am a foodie, a social media junkie, a fashion onlooker, and a TV-aholic with a love for all things entertainment.

Things I Thought I Hated


I’ve had a problem with these things since I was little. I was always so afraid of getting a shoelace stuck and falling backwards. But, I don’t wear shoes with laces anymore. Solution, indeed.

—Brussel Sprouts

I just went with everyone else on this one. I finally ate a brussell sprout last year. Those things are delicious!

— Keeping Up with the Kardashians

I’m officially hooked, and it makes me feel dirty. What’s next, Jersey Shore?!?!?


I’ve read the books. I’ve seen the movie. ┬áIt isn’t my favorite, but I will no longer proclaim hatred for the series. Just a general interest in the suckiness of a lot of the story points, that’s all.


Since The Big Bang Theory, I’ve given more attention to the world of sitcoms. And in doing so, I’ve learned to actually fall for a few of them. 2 Broke Girls. Mike and Molly. A new hope for this art form has been instilled within me. We’ll see if the ball keeps a-rollin.

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